Hot niches affiliate marketers should look out for in 2013

As an Affiliate marketer, you should always be looking out for new and exciting hot niches that could potentially make you money. This is because niches are not created equal. The niche that you are currently in might die out soon or that it might not be performing as good as some other niches out there.

Therefore, smart affiliate marketer’s always spread out their horizons by constantly looking for good niches that is making money now and jumps into the scene and grabs the money as much as possible and as fast as possible. Truth be told, some niches will die out very fast such and some will last a life time.

Without any further delay, here are the niches that should work out well in 2013.

Tablets and Mobile Devices.

The trend for Tablets and mobile devices are on the rise. Sales have been ever growing for these devices, and it is said that the future of electronics will soon be replaced by these tablets and mobile devices. One good example that this is actually happening right now is that if you would visit an electronic mall near you, you will find that the clear difference between now and two years ago is that most shop these days are focusing on selling these tablets ad Mobile devices instead of how it was two years ago where most people are selling PC items instead.

Statistics has it that these Tablets and Mobile device users will soon outgrow people who use the desktop PCs. Even software giants like Microsoft are making operating systems specifically for these devices such as the Windows 8. Sure enough there will always be a place for desktop PCs but tablets and mobile devices will soon take over the majority of and usage of electronic devices.

These devices are growing at such an outrageous rate that is will be silly to ignore this trend as an affiliate marketer. The smart thing to do then is to jump in this money train and start profiting like a boss. Those who are already making money inside this niche in 2012 will tell you that they are having a good year and indeed because the competition is much lesser now than it would be in 2013 but still the demand is so high it will not make much of a difference at all.

Another indicator that the Tablets and mobile devices are hot at the moment is that you can see them almost everywhere. Laptops are getting rare and you see people carry these devices into the toilet and almost everywhere you go. Hence, if you are looking for a potential niche to grow your business with, definitely take a look at this one because you find yourself in a billion-dollar arena.


This niche has been around for a long time. There is no clear rise in the trends and there is no clear downward trend for it either. The most important benefit about this niche is that the constant demand that it has. What this mean is that you can stay in this niche for a long time.

The best part of this niche is that you can start today, work hard on this niche, and get a lot of contents and work done, and it won’t be wasted because ten years later people will still be reading your contents on this niche, and you will still get the benefits from it. And after 10 years imagine the amount of links, contents and how huge your network will be if you have been working constantly to grow your business inside a niche like this. Your work and effort will return in a compounding manner, and you will surely make tons of money from the huge network that you’ve built.

Green energy.

In recent years, more and more people are becoming educated and with education, people are becoming more aware of the environment. One good example to look at when it comes to green energy is to look at the car industry.

In the car industry, more and more cars are getting a ‘hybrid’ status or a pure ‘electric’ car status. This is because the potential to save the globe here is massive. But more importantly, people are actually buying these cars. Take the Toyota Prius as an example. No matter how many car shows dislikes the hybrid concept because they love pure sport cars… people are still buying the car because they want to play a part in saving the world even if it means that they have to churn out more money for that car.

How will one benefit from this niche as an internet marketer you asked? Well, it’s simple really. If you have some knowledge on how to save energy or how to be more environmental friendly, you can set up a site that sells an eBook that teaches people how to do so.

If you take a look at the ever popular Clickbank, some of the bestselling Ebooks there are about green energy. The good thing is this, the demand is clearly on the higher end but the competition here is clearly none. So take a leap into this niche come 2013, and you might just end up getting rich while saving the world.


Everyone has got to eat and that include me and you as well. The problem with weight loss will never be gone and in countries like the USA, where the majority of the people there are overweight, you know that these people clearly need help to get them back on the healthy track.

This niche is evergreen and is pretty much like the Forex niche where the demand is constantly there. People love to eat, and they do not know how to stop. Help them and you will get paid handsomely. The only problem with this niche is that this niche is a MEGA niche, and thus the competition here is very high. The only way to survive here is to have something unique to offer to the masses. More importantly if you have something that actually ‘Works’, then you are in for a treat.

Try out these niches in the year ahead and if you do the right things, things will finally go right for you.